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enterprises scale new ideas to solve social and environmental challenges

Social Enterprises

Through the support we give to our intermediate initiatives, we encourage social enterprises that are addressing social problems such as the lack of access to education, employment, and health and basic infrastructure for the most marginalized people in Mexico. We want to multiply the number of social enterprises in Mexico that provide innovative solutions to these issues with sustainability models that could allow them to escalate their offerings to more people on a sustained way.

Meet the social enterprises with which our intermediary initiatives work for:


registered crimes

thanks to the mobile application that shows users the safest route to their destination.


Improve the perception of personal safety of users while moving around a city, generating a better quality of life as well as encouraging citizen participation and collective denunciation to build a more committed and informed society.


SWALK is a mobile real time application that shows users the safest route to their destination. To create routes, SWALK uses official data from police departments and allows users to report crimes they have been victimized, seen or heard of. SWALK can only be used for free in the city where the users live  and create maximum three routes per day. The cost of using SWALK in another city is of $ 50 pesos per month. With the subscription, users have access to more advanced features like panic button, parking, insurance and hazardous areas notifications.


At the end of its first prototype, SWALK got feedback from 280 users who downloaded the application. They currently have a database of more than 50,000 crimes in the cities of Puebla and Mexico City. They have also received the support of 4 institutions with a worth of more than           $30,000 dollars.

"MakeSense helped us to create our first community of users to get feedback from them and thus improve the quality of the application. They also provided support in marketing, market strategy and networking”.  
Thanks to the support of: