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enterprises scale new ideas to solve social and environmental challenges

Social Enterprises

Through the support we give to our intermediate initiatives, we encourage social enterprises that are addressing social problems such as the lack of access to education, employment, and health and basic infrastructure for the most marginalized people in Mexico. We want to multiply the number of social enterprises in Mexico that provide innovative solutions to these issues with sustainability models that could allow them to escalate their offerings to more people on a sustained way.

Meet the social enterprises with which our intermediary initiatives work for:


of market share

in the microfinance market in Mexico.


Accelerate financial inclusion through payment technology.


ePesos helps microfinance institutions to serve the unbanked sector through its open payment platform. The platform allows customers to make cash withdrawals, payments to suppliers, unlimited peer to peer transfers, services payments and air-time recharges. Users can also transact with one another regardless of their relationship with the microfinance institution.


With only 3 years in the market, ePesos has 350 active users with credit, 6,500 users with accounts and a total financed amount of $ 90.8 million pesos.

"Village Capital is our connection with partners networks and they have done a fantastic job in facilitating us the introduction to the industry. During their Fintech workshops we made decisions that positively affected our growth and management".
Thanks to the support of:


of the users

choose to stay with platform.


They empower their customers to become good credit users.


Users can request a credit through the online platform and manage it through an app. As users settle their loans, they receive an upgrade in order to acquire larger credits and better interest rates. For each payment they make, users earn CREDIS which can be use to pay a credit, buy air-time or give it to a friend. If during the life cycle of the loan users present a situation that jeopardizes the fulfillment of their timely payment, they can "pause" their credit for up to 60 days..


87% of the users stay with and recieves an upgraded.

"With the support of Village Capital we are empowered to improve our services range as well as to keep advancing in building of our product”.
Thanks to the support of:



are active users of MR Presta


To democratize the access to capital for small entrepreneurs


MR Presta is a company specialized in granting loans to companies or people with online business activity (e-commerce). For now they are focusing on sellers of Mercadolibre. Their  credits are a fast, safe and a simple financing alternative.


With only 2 years in the market, MR Presta has 1,700 active users and a total financed amount of $ 36 million pesos.

"Thanks to the support of Village Capital we have had visibility in the entrepreneurship community, which has allowed us to access to new markets and close new strategic partnerships".
Thanks to the support of: