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our impact by partnering with best in class accelerators, incubators and financial advisors for social enterprises.

Impacts 2017-2018

Through our intermediary initiatives:

1. We inspire social entrepreneurs.

2. We launch challenges and incubate innovative solutions that improve the world.

3. We accelerate the growth of social enterprises.

4. We scale successful global social enterprise models.

5. We certify investors and philanthropists and connect them with social entrepreneurs.

6. We raise capital for impact investment.


Create deep market knowledge in key areas.


In Mexico, there is a great amount of information regarding the most pressing problems the society is facing, however, most of the research is focused on generating recommendations for public entities. It is necessary to deepen in these problems, considering that social entrepreneurs can attend them in an innovative way.


Under the concept of “Collaborative Research”,  CO_Plataforma, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) and Connovo gathered together a group of experts on key issues for Mexico (education, health, agriculture, etc.) in order to identify the barriers and opportunities that can be addressed by social entrepreneurs. The identified challenges and the information obtained from each “Collaborative Research” will contribute to improve the business models of social entrepreneurs with whom the intermediary initiatives that are part of CO_Platform work for.




new key sector

driven from "Collaborative Research": education


social enterprises

supported by CO_Plataforma focused on solving the challenges identified form "Collaborative Research".



published as the result of "Collaborative Research" to promote social innovation in education.



contribute to identify the challenges of each "Collaborative Research".