We are redefining the definition of success for capital, aligning financial returns with social and environmental impactful solutions.


We manage impact funds that find and invest in companies that are looking to reduce inequality and poverty, promote gender equality, and mitigate climate change through sustainable, profitable, and scalable business models.

Impact investment funds

We invest in early stage and early growth enterprises in Latin America across different sectors: i) education, workforce, and economic development; ii) access to healthcare; iii) access to basic sustainable infrastructure; and iv) the nexus between agriculture, food systems and regeneration.

Through our investments we look to provide access to good quality and affordable products, services, or opportunities that look to either improve the quality of life, increase the income, or transfer ownership to people in poverty, while adapting or mitigating their climate change effect.

We contribute more than 20 years of experience in private equity and impact investing to deploy value-added capital that supports our portfolio companies scale and deepen their impact alongside their financial returns.

Our internal impact measurement and management methodology is aligned with the SDGs and was developed using global best practices including the Impact Management Project, IRIS+, and B Certification.

CO_Capital is a certified B Corp that follows best stakeholder-oriented practices.

Some of our investments:

Sistema.bio is a prefabricated modular biodigester package that includes a full suite of biogas appliances and connections. Easy to install and use, their patented high-efficiency biodigesters take organic waste and transform it into renewable biogas and a powerful organic fertilizer.

Sistema.bio offers biodigestor packages with flexible financing and technical assistance. Aligned with the SDGs, the company  Sistema.bio is looking to contribute to the sustainability, productivity, and independence of smallholder farmers around the world, while reducing their expenses in gas consumption and increasing their incomes through better yields in the crops that use their fertilizer.


+22k biodigestors installed

+133k people using clean-renewable energy

+297k tons of CO2 emissions mitigated

+14 millions tons of waste treated


Tienda Pago is a financing solution developed for small mom & pop shops in Latin America. The company works with an innovation that enables shops to become more efficient in their cash management and ultimately be more resilient.

Tienda Pago provides working capital loans to more than 10k mom & pop shops in Mexico and Peru. They have alliances with large FMCGs in the region that collaborate to reach these establishments.

Through an app powered by technology, microentrepreneurs that own these shops can purchse inventory without cash taking on efficient and affordable loans.

Hipocampus manages early childcare learning facilities in partnership with Mexican companies.

Hipocampus started in India and was incubated by Connovo in Mexico. They partner with organizations to open learning centers in their facilities that provide childcare primarily to the children of their employees.

Their model focuses on four pilars:

  1. High quality caring and education
  2. Accesible for most families
  3. Empower working women
  4. Stability for employers

Aulas Amigas is a Colombian company working to transform education in Latin America.

For more than 10 years, Aulas Amigas has designed and implemented education programs. They offer solutions  for teachers, powered by hardware and software, that allow them to improve content delivery, attention, and outcomes.

Primarily working in B2G and B2C models, Aulas Amigas manages innovative education ecosystems.