We support the development of the social entrepreneurship and impact investing ecosystem.

Our community of entrepreneurs

Over the past 10 years we have incubated and supported the launch of 12 organizations which, through different programs and mentorship initiatives, help develop and scale social and environmental enterprises in Mexico and Latin America. Collectively we currently support about 300 entrepreneurs per year, and have worked with more than 800 startups that are working to offer accessible and better product, services, or opportunities to millions of people in the region.

Our community of investors

We work with a community of individuals and families that share our interest in strengthening the social entrepreneurial and impact investing ecosystems in the region. By connecting and learning with these people, we aim to mobilize more funds towards impact.

If you are an entrepreneur and have
a social or environmental enterprise
in Latin America, meet the different
organizations we have launched
and which can support you:

Create and spread content related to social entrepreneurship and innovation in an accessible and attractive format for a broader audience.

Working to inspire, educate, and support people in their path towards generating positive impact through entrepreneurship. they generate content with language that is easily understood and accesible so as to reach a broader audience so they can learn about social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and stakeholder capitalism.

It is the largest Spanish-speaking channel dedicated to social entrepreneurship in Latin America.

Impact + 1 million people in 47 countries.
+ 12 k people formed
+ 120 allies and universities

Online and offline programs in 26 countries including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, US, Chile, Slovenia, and Costa Rica.

Inspire, develop , and reward high impact social entrepreneurs around the world.

For more than a decade, the Hult Prize Foundation has been transforming how young people envision their own possibilities as impact leaders of change in the world around them. Originally founded as a one-million dollar prize startup program, the organization today is the  worldwide leader in impact education and has trained and graduated more than two-million alumni across 121 countries.

Behind the Hult Prize is Hult International Business School. Founded by entrepreneur, Bertil Hult, on the belief that you can only truly learn by doing—the school brings together creative, open-minded people from all over the world to do business, not just study it. Ranked among the best by the Financial Times, Economist, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek, Hult offers full-time, part-time, and live online higher education programs across its global campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York.


+ USD 500 million combined portfolio valuation

+ USD 100 million invested

+ 350k graduates every year

For 10 years, makesense has been creating tools and programs for collective mobilization to enable everyone to take action and build an inclusive and sustainable society.

makesense develops specific engagement programs that allow everyone to make the transition and find teammates to do so. Depending on the format, the experience can last for two hours, two weeks or two months. Our programs are designed for both those starting out and those who are already involved, moving from individual awareness to collective mobilization.

The makesense model guides people from inaction to activism and gives everyone the means to invent new ways of doing and being. Our tools train people in the acquisition of skills related to societal transformation, from knowledge to know-how to soft skills, and are based on the reputed reference of the OECD Learning Compass.


+ 200k citizens working on social and environmental issues

+ 8,000 entrepreneurial projects in seven countries

+ 10k company employees involved

Impact venture studio that incubates and scales succesful impact enteprises from other parts of the world in Mexico.

Their objective is to build high impact startups that can reach Mexico’s most vulnerable population so they have the opportunities to live in a more sustainable and just country.

Connovo finds business models around the world in the education and workforce development space that fit the needs of Mexico and they partner with them to establish and grow in a new geography, offering local co-founders, incubation services, mentorship, back office, and financing.

Three enterprises launched in Mexico: Extensio, Hipocampus, and Hola Code.

More than a business accelerator, SociaLab help entrepreneurs achieve milestones to get to the next level.

Socialab is a high impact accelerator that expedites the attainment of traction and growth of seed investments from launch to scale. They support solutions in innovation, technology, green business, and healthcare.

Socialab is flexible, responsive, and agile.

Impact in Mexico:

+ 150 startups supported

7 applications in 2020 with more than 1,670 ideas received

+ 1.3 millions of pesos of seed capital deployed

Sistema B, as part of B Lab, works to create an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet.

Sistema B is a non-profit organization that believes that governments, civil society organizations, social movements, citizens and businesses’ social responsibility, all together, are not enough to solve our current social and environmental problems. It promotes B Corps and other economic actors in Latin America in order to build a new economy, in which success and financial benefits include social and environmental well-being. Since its creation, in April 2012, there are now 10 national Sistemas B, one International Sistema B, 7 B Local Communities, and a community of over 500 B Corps in the region. Sistema B’s proposal points to an economy that can create value for the world and the planet, promoting ways of economic organization that can be measured from the well-being of people, societies and the Earth simultaneously, and taking into consideration the short and long term.


+ 712 certified B corps in Latin America – 55 in Mexico

+ 1,200 Mexican enterprises are measuring and managing their impact

62% of Mexican B corps state having commercial relationships with other B corps

Village Capital leverages entrepreneurship to drive impact at scale.

Operating since 2009, Village Capital is the largest organization in the world supporting impact-driven, seed-stage startups.

Focused on transforming the way entrepreneurs and capital connect, how investment decisions are made, and how investments are structured in three key ways: democratizing entrepreneurship, beyond equity, and inclusive capital.

Globally, they have worked with more than 1,100 entrepreneurs in 28 countries, and our affiliated fund, VilCap Investments, has invested in 110 startups that have gone on to raise more than $4 billion in follow-on capital.

Expand impact through common-good pro-bono and risk philanthropy missions.

Pro Bono Venture was founded in 2017 and is a Pro Bono Intermediary (PBI) and a Venture Philanthropy Operator (VPO) for the social Mexican sector. Its main functions are: Organize meaningful pro bono missions through consultancy methodologies to help social actors to improve their impact with talent and philanthropic capital investment; assist to whom are interested in the strategic investing of their skills and/or philanthropic resources to maximize social impact; and report deliverables of our missions for the public good.

Pro Bono organizes missions that use consulting methodologies to support diverse social actors improve their impact.

Curate investment opportunities that allow investors to be a part of companies that are
building a healthy, resilient, and sustainable world.

SVX connects investors with funds and companies making the investment process more efficient by providing education and facilitating the transactions. Investors can select and invest in impact investment opportunities utilizing a platform, leveraging their extensive investment sourcing and due diligence process.


+ 600 investors educated in Latin America

Influenced 12 funds to modify their investment thesis to include impact

Mexican crowdfunding platform for enterprises and funds to raise capital.

Digital crowdfunding platform reaching a broad audience and connecting attractive opportunities with aligned investors in Mexico.

Empowering social and environmental change-makers in Mexico & beyond.

Kaya Impact is an advisory firm that accompanies social and environmental entrepreneurs in their fundraising efforts. They work across the whole process by facilitating introductions, running due diligence efforts, and negotiating agreements.


+USD 11 million raised

90% of their companies have raised capital

Community of capital providers -human, intellectual and financial- committed to achieving solutions with greater social and environmental  impact in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Latimpacto enables capital providers to connect with and learn from peers and stakeholders leading cutting-edge initiatives and thus to achieve a greater impact through their social and environmental investments. Focused on the capital continuum bringing together philanthropists, investors, companies, governments, and foundations.