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our impact by partnering with best in class accelerators, incubators and financial advisors for social enterprises.


CO_Plataforma was born in 2012 in response to inequality gap in Mexico. At that time, about 53.3 millions of Mexicans lived in poverty and today this fact has increased to 55.3 millions. In this context, a multidisciplinary group of friends, Tania Rodríguez, Claudia Rodríguez, Johan Clemancon, Sofía Broid, Mateo Riestra and José Arnaud gathered to create an innovation center capable of generating new ideas and designing new products, services, organizations and companies that would come up with sustainable solutions focused on improving the quality of life of people in our country.

Soon after, and under the premise of generating a greater impact and of “not reinventing the wheel”, Tania evolved CO into a support platform so that social and environmental projects with proven and successful models in the world could offer their services in Mexico. Today in CO_Plataforma we seek, through our intermediary initiatives, to multiply the number of social enterprises that are contributing to reduce the inequality gap in our country.


Strengthen the innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystem so that more entrepreneurs can solve the most pressing problems of the country through triple impact business models.




Tania Rodríguez

Our Founder has worked for more than 15 years on large scale social and environmental impact projects, always seeking to reduce the inequality gap in the country. Through her vision, we are managing to multiply the possibilities of finding innovative solutions to the most important challenges of the country.

Carmen Garrido

Carmen is our favorite when it comes to numbers and spreadsheets. Her accounting experience in various industries and her sharp analytical skills help us sleep better. Carmen is Junior Accountant.

Montserrat Gerónimo

Montse is Operations Manager. Her valuable role in CO_ is to ensure the optimal performance of all administrative operations. When she is not at the office, Montse may be jumping off a 3 meters high springboard or enjoying a movie.


María Luisa Luque

María Luisa, Co-founder of Nuup, worked for 3 years in Ashoka Mexico leading the“​​Economic Citizenship for All”project. She worked in investment banking at Goldman Sachs in London and at Fortis Bank in Brussels, as well as in impact investment funds and with social entrepreneurs.

Katia Dumont

Katia joined Aspen Network of Entrepreneurs for Development (ANDE) as Regional Manager in 2012. She has worked actively to identify the different challenges that entrepreneurs are facing in Latin America, creating partnerships to minimize those barriers. Katia also worked at MTQ Consulting with economic and social development programs in her native country, El Salvador.

Monsterrat Mora

Partner at Spectron

Felipe Fernández

Felipe is current CEO of Flux Financiera, a company dedicated to solve the growing working capital needs of Mexican SMEs. In academic terms, Felipe did a Master in Business Administration at the RIMT University in Australia.


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