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the innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystem to solve the most important challenges of Mexico.

Members of the platform

We strengthen our intermediary initiatives at operational and financial levels with the purpose of increasing their range of services, as well as improving their institutional quality and, therefore, their capacity to support social enterprises. All of our intermediary initiatives have resulted in a collaborative community that generates synergies and encourages the exchange of innovative experiences.



Capital advisory


million dollars

in investment raised directly by the companies supported by Kaya.


Prepare, connect and accompany social entrepreneurs in their way to raise the capital they need for scaling their business and impact.


Kaya specializes in capital advisory services for social entrepreneurs looking to raise capital to grow and scale their business. One Kaya identifies an investment necessity from social business, they accompany social entrepreneurs, first by preparing them and then in the negotiation process. As an intermediary between investors and entrepreneurs, Kaya guarantees that the investment conditions represents benefits for both parties, and thet they are aligned with the vision of social business.


75% of the social enterprises who have raised capital with the support of Kaya have succeeded. Kaya has worked with 13 different social enterprises, of which 5 were selected through its Capital Raising Scholarship program.

“Without CO_Plataforma’s support Kaya would not exist. In the CO_community we have found resources that facilitate our work and allow us to generate higher value for our clients”.

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