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the innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystem to solve the most important challenges of Mexico.

Members of the platform

We strengthen our intermediary initiatives at operational and financial levels with the purpose of increasing their range of services, as well as improving their institutional quality and, therefore, their capacity to support social enterprises. All of our intermediary initiatives have resulted in a collaborative community that generates synergies and encourages the exchange of innovative experiences.



We make the world everybody´s business.



committed to contribute to the creation of sustainable cities.


To link citizenship, social enterprises, companies, universities and government with social and environmental impact projects in Mexico, through the design and implementation of methodologies, workshops and events.


They inspire people about the challenges that big cities are facing, connect citizens with sustainable cities projects, incubate projects that offer solutions to critical problems, and scale collaborations.


More than 70,000 active volunteers trained in the MakeSense methodologies have been able to expand the community in more than 18 countries in Latin America. SenseCube, MakeSense acceleration platform, has succeeded in driving 14 social enterprises that offer solutions to the most pressing challenges of Mexico City.

“Thanks to the support of CO_Plataforma we managed to create the first international office of MakeSense in Mexico”.

Thanks to the support of: