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enterprises scale new ideas to solve social and environmental challenges

Social Enterprises

Through the support we give to our intermediate initiatives, we encourage social enterprises that are addressing social problems such as the lack of access to education, employment, and health and basic infrastructure for the most marginalized people in Mexico. We want to multiply the number of social enterprises in Mexico that provide innovative solutions to these issues with sustainability models that could allow them to escalate their offerings to more people on a sustained way.

Meet the social enterprises with which our intermediary initiatives work for:



impacted through early childhood care and education.


Provide a high-quality, accessible and community-led service of early childhood care and education in Mexico.


They establish and operate learning centers that provide high quality early childhood care and education services. To support working moms, they partner with companies to develop a solution tailored to their needs and employ local women as community educators.


Hipocampus main impact is to release the potential of early childhood to create prosperous and sustainable communities. They achieve this by reducing school dropout by 25%, teenage pregnancies by 45% and increasing the chances of attending college by 60%. Empowering working women work absenteeism decreases and productivity increases by more than 85%.

“Thanks to the support of Connovo we have been able to launch Hipocampus and close the first two rounds of seed capital”.
Thanks to the support of: